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Our patients are busy people just like you. Through our science-backed approach, we’ve been able to help shape their lives into more productive, happy and healthy ones.

Dr. Juan Chavez
Stacy Modeer
Dr. Michael Howl

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When I was reaching my late 40's I felt like I had less energy and was tired all the time.  I just figured that it was normal and didn't give it much thought until my wife made an appointment for me to go to Cenegenics® for a consultation.  After the lab results came back I was surprised to find out that I was borderline diabetic and my hormones weren't at optimal levels. The doctors and nutritionist put me on a plan that got me back on track and now I feel better than ever!  I really wish I had done this years ago! Thanks guys!

Stanley Winslow

After trying other "wellness" places I felt like I was wasting my money.  I was still slightly over weight, didnt feel well and I was growing ever more frustrated because I knew that it shouldn't be this way (Im 43 years old).  In a last ditch effort a friend of mine recommended I go to Cenegenics® over in Manhattan. My first consultation was back in February and I've going there ever since.  I feel much better and have the energy to keep up with my 11, 8 and 6 year olds. You won't be disappointed.

Michelle Mohr

Hands down, its the best place I've ever used.  I've lost 18 pounds and feel great! Now if they can only figure out a way to get rid of my gray..........  Love you guys!

Kathleen Hopkins

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