Telomere testing

The Test to Find Out The Vitality Of Your Cells

You have a chronological age, how many birthdays you've had

You also have a biological age, show how long you measure your telomeres

This information is important to slow the process of aging. When a cell replicates, it shortens its telomer and reduces the cell's life span. As you age, this process's speed may slow down and cause your body to stop producing healthy new cells. Using scalable blood and tissue sampling, we can use critical protocols through "Life Length," a leading developer of telomer analysis technology (TAT).

Improve Your Chromosomes' Telomerase Activation


Telomerase Activation and Healthy Aging

Because individuals do not age at the same level, telo-mapping creates essential biomarkers that can be used by our trained physicians to predict the onset of certain diseases and disorders related to age.

We can make immediate preventive corrections through this data. Essentially, this is like looking into a crystal ball for preparation in the future. Wouldn't it be powerful if a small, unique correction could be identified that prevented a heart attack down the road? That's this test's beauty. We can recommend premature biological aging if your test suggests

Simple steps to improve the activation of telomerase and better manage your risk factors


Correcting Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal optimization can restore all of your energy from your mood. We may help to reduce the adverse effects of shortening telomeres by addressing imbalances with bioidentical hormone replacement. This can reduce your overall risk of developing a premature disability or degenerative disease.


Nutraceutical Supplementation

It's not always enough to eat the right food. Because of the minerals lost in today's modern soil— it's almost impossible to get from your diet all the body needs. Even if you eat well, how do you know all the needs of your unique body? The nutraceutical treatment helps to prevent dangerous dietary imbalances. Additionally, taking our supplement TA-65 can promote healthy activation of telomerase.


Improving Physical Fitness

A routine exercise scheme can increase the metabolism of your body, improve your range of movement, and reduce your risk of disease development. Our training in metabolic fusion also prevents premature shortening of telomeres.


Maintaining a Healthy Weight

We all know that extra fat is not fun, but research shows that it can also increase your overall risk of developing dementia or other age-related diseases like diabetes, cancer or heart disease. These findings are related to the studies of telomers... Eating the right food and avoiding the wrong foods can also be crucial to cell health.


Adopting a Better Lifestyle

Poor lifestyle choices can cause telomer shortening to accelerate and increase your risk of diseases and disabilities related to age. Our dynamic team of certified doctors and nutrition coaches will assist you in managing any lifestyle issues you may need to change. This approach could prolong a shortened life.

So, what happens if you get a bad telomeres test result?

Knowing you have a higher percentage of short telomeres could potentially extend your life expectancy.

It doesn't mean your life will be shorter, this means you need to make corrections sooner rather than later.

We are proactively trailblazing the way in age defiance as the leader in age-management medicine. Our programs are barnone, our treatment is unique and our service is unparalleled.


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