Known Worldwide For Our Exclusive Platinum Health Evaluation...

This is the first step toward age defiance

It's critical that our physicians have a precise picture of what's going on inside your unique body before any personalized plan can be built properly

When your Platinum Health Examination has been arranged, our office in New York will set up an appointment to visit your home or office with our phlebotomist. We will conduct a simple but comprehensive analysis of the blood that will allow us to recognize any different health issues or underlying conditions.

The Comprehensive Health Assessment Components

This full-day assessment is highly customized and lasts about six hours. Our team and employees are trained to deliver an experience, not just a process.

Depending on certain factors it may include the following:

Physical Exam

  • Nutrition and Exercise Counseling
  • Strength, Flexibility and Postural Assessments

Carotid Artery Scan

Looking for artery blockages and plaque build-up

Cognitive Assessment Testing

Short-term memory, speed, accuracy, and reaction time


Spinal, hip and total-body bone density; body composition, % fat and muscle

100-Panel Blood Work

Identifying risk factors, hormone and metabolic level, including inflammation

Heart Pulse

VO2 Test

Determine current level of cardiopulmonary efficiency and update your exercise regimen


Consult with Cenegenics® Physician

Two hour, open-ended meeting with physician reviewing findings from labs, diagnostics, medical history, and lifestyle

Tests Available for Additional Charge:


Telomere Testing


Genomic/DNA Testing


Erectile Dysfunction Treatment


Food Allergy & Immunology Testing


Micronutrient Analysis

We are excited to surpass your expectations with more than 20 centers and growing across the U.S. and internationally! Through our patient experience, we offer free private consultations and full VIP treatments.

Our quarterly and annual reviews allow us to fine-tune each aspect of your Cenegenics ® customized program. Ultimately, helping you stay motivated and on track to achieve your own best version.

Whether you're planning a quick trip to New York or considering a longer stay, our staff will help you make your trip to New York a fun one.

There is no other city like New York City.


Make an appointment and learn how Cenegenics® can transform your life!