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Joshua D’Alessandro MS, CSCS, CISSN

Exercise and Nutrition Counselor

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My name is Joshua D’Alessandro, and my career and life are dedicated to health and fitness. I developed this passion many years ago through personal experience and interest. That personal experience and interest turned into an academic journey that culminated with a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology from Florida State in 2016.

My career first took me down the path of Strength and Conditioning. I began as a personal trainer, and realized that my intellect and knowledge in the field was not being tested at that level. I felt in order to maximize my potential, I had to work with the best. That is when I decided to take my skills to the collegiate strength and conditioning realm. The experience at the collegiate level taught me many things about my own personal philosophy as a coach and who I am as a person.

I am first and foremost a very positive, lively person. My goal is to not just make people better, but for them to enjoy and trust the process. I have found that the more an athlete, client, or patient is on board with who you are as a person, the more on board they are with you as a professional. I have also learned that I have a knack for developing a deep connection with my clients, while maintaining my professionalism. I plan to keep those aspects of my personality no matter where I go. While training at the collegiate level, I also discovered my passion for teaching. I have such a strong desire to share the knowledge of health and wellness with others. Having the chance to mold young students into high level professionals is deeply rewarding.

In order to diversify my skillset, I moved on to clinical exercise physiology. I loved working with athletes but wanted to make a bigger impact on the lives of people who truly need it most. Working with this population has brought out the best aspects of my personality. Being able to help patients reach levels of fitness and well-rounded nutrition they never imagined has become my passion. Whether it be a struggling athlete, or someone who wants to grow old enough to spend time with their grandkids, I want to be there to help.

I believe that in order to make it in this field, I must keep growing. I have to keep growing as a student, meaning the day I stop learning, is the day I have given up. I have to keep growing as a professional by taking what I have learned and using it to make others the best version of themselves. I have to keep growing as a person by approaching each day as a new opportunity to better myself. I plan to do so; no matter what life has in store for me.

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