How We Do It

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Benjamin Franklin


It's easy to see why doctors and physicians themselves choose Cenegenics®.

Traditional Healthcare

  • Average health care only touches the bare minimum
  • To survive the current healthcare model, your doctor has to see 30-40 people per day 
  • When was the last time you saw your primary care doctor for more than 15 minutes?
  • It's not their fault — it's just the way it is with today's healthcare structure
  • This is one big reason why people age so poorly
  • Treat symptoms without understanding why your body is out of balance

Cenegenics® Concierge Medicine

  • Our physicians spend all the time necessary to help you understand the "why" and "how" behind our recommendations
  • We educate you so you understand your own body and what's required to achieve optimal health
  • Find the underlying cause of health issues
  • Provide personalized care based on your unique genetics 
  • Unlimited support while making diet and lifestyle changes
  • Preventive approach to healthcare


During your very first Elite Health Evaluation, you’ll be sent through a Health & Lifestyle Questionnaire, Neuro-Psychological Assessment, Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency Assessment and BDI II Analysis form. From this initial appointment, your Cenegenics® physicians can use the data to start developing a full and accurate picture of your health.

Full-Circle Treatment

Our evaluation process is highly personalized and can last up to seven hours. The day is composed of key diagnostics and goal-oriented consultations. We use your Elite Health baseline results to develop a personalized medical program designed to help you look and feel younger, and fully rejuvenated. Our evaluation processes help identify and meet the criteria that will place you in the lowest possible risk category for disease—and get you looking, feeling, and performing better than ever.

We use a panel of 90+ lab tests to find out not only what conditions you may currently have, but equally as important, what future risks you may have. Think of it as a hormonal and metabolic blueprint.


Most often, hormone imbalances are a result of lifestyle factors and the aging process. In order to target important aging hormones like testosterone and estrogen, we do extensive base-line testing. We even look at your mental acuity when performing our cognitive assessment. Hormone imbalances can affect everything from sexual performance to memory, attention span, and executive function.  

Building up an extensive list of your personal disease risks, vitamin and nutrient deficiencies, and hormone levels help us produce your one-of-a-kind Elite Health program.

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Nutrition and Exercise

In addition to hormones, nutrition and exercise are the foundation of aging well. Your exercise and nutrition coach will design a program around your current fitness level and help you surpass common issues like low bone density, loss of muscle mass, and excess body fat. 

You will typically experience:

  • Remarkable boosts in energy
  • Increased mental acuity
  • Revitalized sex drive and performance
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Increased lean muscle
  • Reduced body fat
  • Lifted mood
  • Decreased stress
  • Improved skin tone

What You Get

  • Ongoing medial management of your nutrition
  • Accessibility of our experts
  • Individualized nutrition plan: We will even modify your favorite recipes to align with our diet recommendations
  • Physician-developed clinical nutraceuticals
  • DEXA Scan: the Gold Standard for measuring body fat and muscle as well as bone density and early signs of bone weakening
  • Fitness Level Evaluation to uncover the health of your heart and other risk factors
  • One-on-one consultations and coaching

Exercise Program

A fool-proof exercise regimen can work in concert with your nutrition to produce exceptional results.  Increased mental clarity and renewed energy levels are just the beginning. 

Our exercise program will address your health on multiple levels.

By building a comprehensive view of your health history, risk assessments, and current hormone levels we can see exactly what you need to meet and exceed your health goals. We use top-of-the-line testing, a detailed scientific approach, and supreme quality nutraceuticals in our treatment program.

Take Control of Your Health

Our team is ready to provide you with an incredible experience!